High On Meth, This Florida Man CUT OFF His Junk And Fed It To An Alligator

Tavares, Lake County, Florida. After a five day methamphetamine binge, a 32 year-old man is recovering in hospital after a shocking incident which saw him cutting off his own p*nis and feeding it to an alligator. Frank Canfield is recovering in hospital at the moment and will be able to return home soon. But doctors were unable to reattach Canfield’s genitals, meaning he will now be without them for the rest of his life.

The man was found writhing around on the floor outside his property in agony, screaming. When ambulance crews arrived, Canfield had passed out, but his neighbor – who called 911 – said that he had spoken to the drug addict before making the called.

“I’ve hurt myself badly,” Canfield told his neighbor. “I need help. I’ve made a big mistake. Damn that alligator…” By all accounts, Canfield, in his high state, had imagined the alligator had talked him into the violent act of self-abuse.


Any police charges relating to drugs have been dropped by local police. Mr. Canfield, on his release, has vowed to hit rehab and get off meth.

Doctors have suggested that a ‘bionic’ p*nis could be an option for the man. Although at recent estimates, he would need to raise almost $5m in order to fund such a procedure.