Cops Strap Man To A Chair And Severely Beat Him Until He’s Blind In One Eye

Eastpointe, Michigan. A man called Frankie Taylor is arrested and brought into the local police station by cops on a DUI charge. After becoming mildly belligerent, cops strapped him to a chair and beat him unconscious. They continued to punch him and he ends up losing an eye. It’s shocking behavior from the officers.

Within a few days he was admitted to a Detroit hospital for surgery, but it turned out to be too late to save his left eye.

“If you keep acting like a child, you’re going to get strapped in that chair and you’re going to stay there!” an officer is heard on the tape barking at Taylor.

“You want to protect people from this type of brutality by police forces,” says Taylor’s attorney James Raso. “White folks were allowed to use the phone by police officers; even one who had urinated in his pants was allowed to use the phone. Frankie Taylor wasn’t, and the only difference is that Frankie Taylor happens to be African-American.”

“I don’t feel like that I was a threat to the officers to the point that they had to hit me until I was unconscious,. I wouldn’t expect this from officers.”

“The guy hit me so many times, it made me cry once I seen the tape,” Taylor told Fox News. “I was knocked out.”

Frankie Taylor Cops

His lawyer went on, “He has permanent loss of eyesight in one eye. His vision is severely compromised. He has these horrible nightmares.”

Frankie Taylor Cops

This is shocking footage that isn’t for the faint hearted…