TV Anchor Forced To Resign After Telling Colleague That She Was Tired Of Covering “N*****s Killing Each Other”

A Detroit news anchor has resigned after she was caught making a racist comment to a colleague. Lauren Podell, a local reporter at NBC in Michigan, allegedly used the n-word whilst in conversation with a co-worker last week.

She reportedly told the producer that she was “tired of reporting on these n*****s killing each other in Detroit.” The 31 year old resigned after word of the incident got to top brass at the TV station.


A company-wide email from Vice President and General Manager, Marla Drutz, was leaked to Huffington Post reporter Philip Lewis, who subsequently shared it via Twitter. The email read:

“I wanted to let you know that Lauren Podell has resigned from WDIV effective immediately. Lauren asked me to convey the following: “During my time at WDIV I have created many friendships that I will continue to cherish”. If you receive any media inquiries please forward them to Jamie or me. Thanks.”

Sam Riddle, a ex-chief of staff for former Detroit City Councilwoman Monica Conyers, tweeted his disdain at the incident, and stated that he had organized demonstrations to protest racism as a “systemic issue,” as well as the news outlet’s “racist cover up.”

Podell is no stranger to controversy. Back in 2013, the reporter swore live on air, exclaiming “I don’t know when we’re going, neither does Jim, I can’t get this f***ing in there!”