These Two Enormous Gorillas Lose It And Fight Each Other… It Is BRUTAL!

Omaha, Nebraska. A stunning fight between two large male gorillas at a zoo has shocked both zookeepers and the general public. Filmed by member of the public Shannon W. Olsen, the crazy footage shows two fully-grown gorillas attacking each other with an almost unbelievable force and ferocity at Henry Doorly Zoo. This must’ve been one scary damn thing to see up close!

It’s clear that captivity doesn’t quite quell all their natural instincts and the urge to fight to assert dominance is perfectly common in the species. But it doesn’t stop it from being quite a shocking thing to witness.

These two things go totally apesh*t. Completely bananas. They’re not monkeying around. Alright, enough gags… Time to check out what went down:

These gorillas don’t mess about. The very same enclosure got famous recently after one of the gorillas smashed the glass…