Internet Celeb ‘The Half-Headed Man’ Arrested For Arson And Attempted Murder

You’re probably like us and assumed that the infamous ‘Half-Headed Man‘ was a fake. You see him about online, don’t you? On ads and things. We always figured he was a Photoshop job. But he’s real! How do we know? Well, he’s currently in a Florida jail cell, arrested on charges of arson and attempted murder. He is 31 year-old Miami man Carlos Rodriguez.

We tell you what – we don’t envy the policeman who had to try and find the other guys for the line-up…

Rodriguez’s head is the way it is because of damage done to it in a drink-driving accident. He was drunk and high and stacked his car, going through the windscreen. It was a minor miracle that he survived. He’s since said this about it: “I was driving and I hit a pole and I flew out the front window and landed on my head.” 


His latest arrest comes after he intentionally set fire to his mattress at the duplex he’s been living in. Rodriguez was later released for a mental evaluation and has had bond set at $30,000.

This little video has a short interview with the man who tells you why you should always be sober behind the wheel…