High School Student Sent Home for Dressing Like THIS!

Remember high school? Yeah, it wasn’t quite how the movies portray it, was it? Ours sure as sh*t wasn’t like Clueless or Saved By The Bell. Some of it was harsh. A lot of it was fun too. But we didn’t dig all the rules. High school teachers sure did use to get vexed about how you looked. Why was your appearance so important to them?

‘Inappropriate dress’ has always been a big thing for schools all across the world. Some go crazy and send kids home for a shaved patch on their head or a weird jersey. Others, understandably, only get mad when their students turn up dressed like hoes.

Like Bex [REDACTED NAME]‘s school. She pitched up for school looking like a megastripper. And they sent her home. She didn’t take kindly to the incident and vented on Facebook. Here’s what she said:


Alright, that’s enough talk, right? We’re all dying to see exactly what outfit got this girl and her school so crazy… Aren’t we? Yup.

Here goes!