Katt Williams Brutally Jumped After Sucker Punching A Dude At Beanie Sigel’s Birthday

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Comedian Katt Williams, the man who launched a million internet memes, got into a little trouble recently. The Pimp Chronicles stand-up was at The Trocadero Theatre, celebrating Beanie Sigel‘s 40th birthday when the obviously agitated Williams sucker punched a fellow partyer. And got a serious beating for his troubles.

Despite the fact that you can clearly see he getting a beat down after his antics, Williams denied it. In a specially recorded video after the story hit, he said: “I heard the same rumors you heard. I heard Katt Williams was at a club on Beanie Sigel birthday, after his show. You done see clearly that ain’t no n**** popped me in my motherf*ckin’ mouth because I’m still talking as reckless as I was talking at the show the prior evening.”

Hmmm. Check out the manic way he’s doing press-ups and dancing before the incident too. Suspicious…

And here’s Katt’s unconvincing denial: