Lion Attacks Toddler On LIVE Mexican TV Show; Tries To Snatch Child From Mother’s Arms!


Mexican television isn’t all that much different to American TV, or that of any other country, really. They have soap operas and chat shows and things there too. One show that’s popular (well, used to be popular…) is called Con Sello de Mujer. A live show, it’d go out in the daytime and its primary audience? Women. But both men and women were shocked when they watched the show that featured this clip…

In a shocking scene, a young lion ATTACKS a young child, grabbing at the toddler with its giant claws and even BITING the youngster. It’s a hair-raising spectacle and one which really is quite shocking. The mom is weirdly serene throughout, too. Just watch her strangely fixed grin.

The kid’s okay, though. Thankfully.


This is shocking. Luckily the child – and lion – were fine afterwards. Somehow…