Florida Creep Arrested For Squirting Hair Conditioner Over The Butts Of Women Shopping In Target

Tampa, Florida. 27 year-old Brian Dijon Boyd was arrested recently after a bizarre spate of sexual attacks that he carried out in his local Target store. Boyd exposed and pleasured himself publicly as he went about squirting several women’s backsides with hair conditioner.

According to the cops’ report, ‘Boyd knowingly and intentionally squirting white in color hair conditioner all over the lower back and buttocks area’ of four females in the store.

He also ‘had his sweat pants pulled down away from the waist area’ and could be seen ‘stroking what appeared to be his p*nis.’

Squirt Hair Conditioner Target (1)When confronted, initially Boyd ran away, but he was soon caught and charged with six misdemeanors. Including 4 counts of battery and an indecent exposure charge.

The dude is being detained in the Hillsborough County jail on $6,000 bail. Boyd has a long rap sheet, as you can imagine.

He’s previously been arrested for marijuana possession, violating probation, theft, credit card fraud, contempt, possession of drug paraphernalia, carrying a concealed weapon and – wouldn’t you know it?! ‘Exposure of sexual organs’…

Squirt Hair Conditioner Target (1)

Here’s an ABC Action News report about the bizarre incident: