Men Step In When Huge Guy Beats On Wife In Parking Lot

Domestic violence is intolerable. Whether it’s physical, emotional or verbal, from a man to a woman or woman to man or whatever – there is NEVER an excuse. You don’t beat on or ruin the life of the one you love. And when you’re a 400lb man, you certainly don’t go hitting your wife with a damn torch…

It makes that man a coward. But you know what else makes that man a coward? Running away when confronted by people who see you doing it. That’s just what happens in this scene caught on camera in a parking lot recently. A group of young men witness the distressing scene and approach him to force him to stop. Panicked, the lowlife jumps in his truck and attempts to drive away.

But the guys are determined to make their point. We’ve seen people freaking out in public before, but this is scumbag behavior of the highest order.

Good work stopping that guy, boys. More dudes like you are needed.