This Jail Cell Scene With Chris Tucker And Faizon Love Takes a Unexpected Turn!

We all knows that Chris Tucker is a funny dude. If you’ve seen his Michael Jackson routine, you’ll be well aware. But his movies are just as good as his stand-up comedy.

Tucker plays Franklin Maurice Hatchett, a small-time hustler who finds himself locked up in a jail cell. His cellmate? A big friendly guy played by the comedian Faizon Love (from Friday). Franklin’s boasting to his new pal about how he got picked up by the feds when things take a turn for the unexpected.

Hey, look – we get it… Weird things happen in jail. People break out, Danny Trejo spends decades in them, rappers get sent in, 15 year-old girls get put there, pigeons even smuggle drugs into prison. And of course, guys ‘get close’. We’re looking at you, Booty Warrior. Speaking of which…

“Ay! Where yo’ shirt at?!” 

Looks like Chris needs to get out of there. Here are ten ways to break out of jail.