20 MILLION Muslims Have Just Protested And Marched Against ISIS

Karbala, Iraq. Just 62 miles south west of Baghdad, millions and millions of Muslims have just completed a 40 day mourning march to pay tribute to the martyr Arbaeen, after Ashura, a popular religious ritual that Shia Muslims observe to commemorate the death of the Prophet Mohammad’s grandson. Oh, and to show how much they despise ISIS.

An estimated TWENTY MILLION took to the streets to celebrate and march in defiance of ISIS. Three million are thought to have arrived from outside Iraq to join the demonstration, with the other seventeen being locals.

The huge march begs the question of why ISIS are still capable of wrecking such carnage in the Middle East if the feeling is that everyone hates them and wants rid of them…


The so-called Islamic State hate many people and factions within Islam, but none more so than Shia Muslims. So fear of attack during the protest and pilgrimage were huge.

24,000 soldiers were on duty to up security to never-before-seen levels.


Some people even walked hundreds of miles…