This Girl Shows You Why You Should Always Wear Underwear On Rides!

A ride at an amusement park in Costa Rica. The G-Force was slightly more powerful than one young woman had imagined as the ride’s twists and turns started pulling down her pants. Only trouble was, she wasn’t wearing any underwear… Luckily for her, her boyfriend was next to her and could help her keep (at least a tiny bit of her) dignity.

The ride was a disc-like thing called La Tagada that spins and throws everyone on board around. It’s found in Costa Rica’s Zapote Festival in the capital city of San Jose. And now this video has hit the internet and gone viral, we’re expecting everyone for the rest of time to go on the ride in underwear from now on. Maybe even a few pairs, just to be safe.

Let’s just get on with it, shall we? We feel sorry for the poor girl, but this is just too funny not to share with you all and have a laugh at. Enjoy…