He Cuts Open A Soda Can… A Minute Later? He’s Picked A Lock!

Thieves will be be thieves. There’s no trick they don’t know. How to open a padlock with a soda can? They already know it. So this tutorial isn’t really telling them anything new. What it is showing the rest of us, though, is how easy locks are to pick. So we can be aware just how ‘protected’ our possessions really are. Also, it’s pretty darn useful to know this if you ever lose your key.

Did you know that empty cans help boost your WIFi at home too? Yup – once you’re done drinking ’em, these things can prove fairly handy.

The video below shows you what you need to do to get into a double padlock with just a pair of scissors and an old Coke can. You’re effectively making a shim to get into the padlock. It’s worrying simple. Check it out and then maybe consider altering your security lock-up arrangements…