The IMMENSE Spray From This Outward Boat Totally Wipes Out This Dude


Ah, summer. You gotta love it. You can head out for a BBQ or down the river or beach and kick it by the water. Drink a few beers and relax. Just, y’know, chill with those beers. Don’t go crazy. You might well end up in trouble. Like this guy did.

He got one too many bottles of suds in him and he thought he could take on the world. But he was wrong. He went up against the immense spray from the outward part of a boat and lost the battle. BIG TIME.

He was no match for it – it absolutely nails him. He’s no match for the epic spray power this boat can call upon…

Outboard Boat

This is brilliant. Just watch the guy. Totally wiped out. But what a true Thug – he still somehow keeps hold of his beer…