Huge Python Attacks Little Boy; But Loses In Fight With The Kid’s Mom

Macksville, Australia. A terrified mother woke to the sound of her young boy screaming. When she ran over to her son, she saw the scariest thing a parent could see… A huge PYTHON attacking and biting him. Tamara Thurgood managed to unfurl the boy and rescue him, leaving the giant snake in his room. Damn, living in Australia is crazy!

Fearing for her family’s safety, she called upon a relative to come in and take care of the snake. That’s ‘take care of’ take care of. Like as in Joe Pesci ‘take care of’…

You can understand the family’s reaction, but you’ve gotta feel for the poor snake, it was only acting on instinct. It might not have killed the boy, either. Here’s what a python expert says about the attack:

“They have heat sensors, and they don’t think about the size of their prey. If it’s hungry it will bite anything, and if it can’t eat it, it can’t eat it. But I don’t believe the snake was going to feast on the child … it’s all instinct, not thought processes.”

Thursday night I huge 3 meter Python climbed up onto the top bunk of my nephew, Tyler’s bed while he was asleep and bite…

Posted by Hollie van Es on Sunday, 21 February 2016