Rich Piana And Jason Genova Go At It Again In ‘The Slap Challenge – Round 2’

Do you remember a short while back the bodybuilding world went kinda loco over that video of Rich Piana and Jason Genova? Jason’s this kind of slow troll kid and Piana this giant bodybuilder-type guy. Piana took offence at something Genova had previously said online and slapped his dry in a ‘slap challenge’ at a convention.

He went too far and battered the kid and it smacked of some pretty nasty bullying… Well, guess what? They’re back at it! Except this time Genova is up for it and has even driven over to Piana’s local boxing gym to take part.

Still. Doesn’t look very even, does it?!

Rich Piana

See what went down in round two…