To Join A Gang He Had To Kill A Random Person… But He Chose The WRONG Kid!

Ross Capicchioni initially resisted his 15 year-old friend’s request to drop him off in East side Detroit. It’s a no-go area and crazy dangerous. But, eventually, he agreed. Within minutes, he’d be facing the barrels of a shotgun. His ‘friend’ had set him up. As part of a gang initiation he had to shoot someone dead. He’d chose Ross. Then shot him in the arm, chest and head. But incredibly, Ross survived…

No one quite knows how he didn’t die with his arm hanging off, chest blasted open, organs damaged and head scalped. In fact, he was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. It was only because one doctor refused to give up on him that he pulled through. He is unbelievably lucky to be alive to tell his incredible story today.

In the two fascinating videos below, Ross speaks plainly, engagingly and shockingly about what happened, how he survived and what became of the shooter – his friend for ten years. It’s a Helluva story.