The New Adidas Trainers That Are Made Of Hemp And Have Room To Hide Your Weed

Sportswear brand Adidas have just come out with a new design and it’s one that’s going to appeal to anyone who marks down 4/20 as an important date in their calendar. The sneaker giants have just unveiled plans for a new one-off design to mark that special day that’s a pretty slick limited edition. The sneakers are made of hemp and have a special ‘stash’ pocket built it…

Weirdly, you can’t buy these shoes normally. Adidas are being real sly about them and you have to enter a competition. And if you’re name gets drawn out? Then you can buy them. For $120.

We always figured if such sneakers were to ever be designed, they’d look like these…

Adidas weed

But they don’t. They look like these:

Adidas weed

And here’s the secret little compartment for stashing ‘stuff’ in. Although, admittedly it ain’t all that secret if we’e telling everyone. So keep it quiet, okay?

Adidas weed

What do you think of them?