Store Owner Fights Off Armed Robbers With Homemade FLAMETHROWER!

Redland City, Queensland, Australia. Store owner Dan Rigney spots two armed robbers entering his place about to hold him up. But he’s not going to stand for that. So he decides to fight back. But he’s not got a weapon. Well, not a regular weapon, anyway. Rigney decided to stand up for himself Charles Bronson-style with an improvised weapon… A flamethrower!

As he spied the two armed men coming in, his first thoughts weren’t to hide or open the cash register, he decided on a pre-preemptive strike. He reached for two nearby items: some fly spray and a lighter!

It didn’t scare the dudes off entirely as they still managed to escape with $680AUS, but it was a good go. We salute you anyway, Dan!