The Insane Store Robbery Fail That Would Put Anyone Off a Life of Crime

Findlay, Ohio. A store robbery backfires BIG TIME for the would-be criminal as the two clerks – and two customers – decided that they’re not going to let the man get away with robbing the place. 29 year-old Jeremy Sherbrook‘s attempt to shake down the place came unstuck when one of the store workers came at him with a mop handle. And then the bucket. A scuffle ensued. The second clerk then jumped in. The guy was outnumbered.

But it just got worse for the masked Sherbrook. A minute of fighting and stumbling into shelves and things later, a customer runs in and takes him down. And then another dude springs out of nowhere with a punch! The four of them then detained him until cops arrived. So thieves beware – The Marathon station on Trenton Avenue in Findlay? It’s best avoided…

We’ve seen crazy robberies before, but nothing on this scale. It’s brilliant. It’s like something out of an old movie or something – the slapstick is strong in this one. Robbery fails don’t get better than this!