Suge Knight Claims Dr. Dre Hired The Hitman That Shot Him Seven Times

Remember when Suge Knight got shot back in 2014? He got clipped by SEVEN bullets at a party thrown by Chris Brown but survived, 50 Cent-style. No one knows who was behind the hit… But now Suge’s come out to point the finger at someone. Dr. Dre. In legal papers filed this week by Knight’s lawyer, the hilariously-named Thaddeus Culpepper, he alleges a conspiracy between Dre and the police.

Apparently Dre paid off cops to let a hitman into the club that night with a gun. A hitman that had been paid $50k to kill the rap producer and enemy of just about everyone in the hip-hop world.

Dre’s responded to Knight’s claim, having his people put out a statement branding the claim ‘ridiculous’.

Here’s a news report from the incident back in 2014… Could Dre have been behind it? What do you think?