What Rapper The Game Does When He Sees This Sleeping Homeless Man Will Shock You

Rapper The Game is known for being pretty generous. His charity foundation, The Robin Hood Project is proof of that. The whole idea behind it is that he plans to give away a million bucks to other people in need. Some people say he just does it for the publicity and ‘likes’, but we disagree. But, hey, look – even if he is? A million dollars still finds its way to people who need it. So it can’t be bad thing, can it?

And his recent charitable work? It sees him donate a crisp $100 bill to a sleeping homeless guy. Not enough to get him off the streets, but a big enough gesture to let him know that some people out there still care.

The Game posted a video of it on his Instagram account with this message: “They call me “Robin Hood”…. Don’t ever tell me there aren’t good people out here… I will show otherwise everytime !!!@therobinhoodproject is ALIVE !!!! This world is not lost.. God don’t give up on us yet ????????”