Thug Catfish Swallows Other Fish WHOLE … And It’s The Same Size As Him!


Now there’s hungry, and there’s SERIOUSLY hungry! In this incredible video, a catfish in a fish-tank decides to make a bit of room for the other fish in the tank by swallowing a fish whole before the unbelieving eyes of the guy filming (and no doubt to the other fish as well). As you’ll soon see, this fish doesn’t give a damn that the fish it’s decided to eat is the same size he is. He’s hungry, after all. And a hungry fish needs feeding.

The fish the catfish goes for ain’t no goldfish, but that doesn’t seem to bother the catfish one bit. He just gets on with the job of swallowing the fish whole. When we watched this, we were amazed. Is the catfish like a Tardis inside? Is there some kinda spooky Doctor Who sh*t going on here? How come the fish he’s swallowing doesn’t start coming out the other end?

There’s something freaky going on here. After watching this video, we’re going to steer well clear of catfish. We don’t know for sure, but we suspect this critter might fancy his chances against a human the next time around! Check it out, but be warned – if you’re a fish, you might find the following scenes upsetting …