The First Footage Of The Tupac Movie Leaks Online!

We’ve all known for some while that a Tupac biopic is in the works and all got pretty excited when we first saw pictures. And last week? News that reporters attended the Vegas strip on getting reports of a shooting (that happened to be just a scene from the movie) hit the internet. Now – we’ve got our first glimpse at footage from the flick, which is called ‘All Eyez On Me’. And it looks slick AF.

Now these clips aren’t the best quality, ’cause they’ve been snuck out on the down low, but they give us a pretty decent idea of what to expect and it’s more than enough to get us all even more excited about the movie.

It comes out in November. Check it out:

That speech? Inspired by a real life speech Tupac gave outside a court house… And here it is: