TV Presenter Gets Attacked By BEAR On Live Television!

Russian television. They take risks, that’s for certain. This clip here comes from a show all about the dangers of potentially vicious animals. But they push the demonstrations a little too far as a bear attacks the TV presenter!

Luckily the woman gets away unhurt, but the bear could well have torn her damn head off. And he’d have every reason to. They’ve got the poor guy dressed up in a ridiculous costume.

The TV presenter gets back to her feet – somehow – and seems to apologize to the bear and luckily the situation’s under control. How, though? It’s a minor miracle.

TV Bear attack

“I warned you!” The bear’s handler can be heard screaming. “Do not approach the bear!”

TV Bear attack

It goes from nothing to carnage in less than second! How the woman escaped without injury is beyond us…

TV Bear attack

Only in Russia