Angry Vets Go Off On Pokemon Go Players At Memorial Park

Ah, Pokemon Go. It seems like only yesterday that the world was so much more peaceful and simple and normal, doesn’t it? But, in reality, those days are long gone. Now, we live in a world where grown-a*s men spend all day trying to collect animated cartoon characters for a game on their cellphones…

We’ve had Pokemon Go players finding money, bodies, all sorts so far. We’ve had the kid who played it while driving and smashed into some cops. And even a dude who got stabbed while playing and just carried on…

And now we’ve got a full-scale war between a family of army vets and a group of Pokemon Go players about the merits of playing the game in a memorial park.

Pokemon Go Veterans

The world really is losing its mind over this damn game, huh?

Pokemon Go

Here’s the footage of what went down: