This Woman Was Banned From Her Gym For Having Big Cans

Orleans, Ontario, Canada. A woman has told of her humiliation after been asked to leave her local gym after staff effectively told her that her breasts were too big. Apparently other gym users had complained about Jenna’s big assets and said that her top was ‘inappropriate’.

Embarrassed Jenna Vechhio explained that her top was a regulation sports vest and fit her properly. In fact, she even pointed out how her vest was similar to many other female gym users there, but the gym stuck to their guns.

Canadian fitness fan Ms. Vechhio (any relation to Ray Vechhio from Due South, you think?) is outraged and took to the internet to complain after her treatment at the hands of Movati Athletic Club. And went viral. Which isn’t good PR, huh?

Banned By Gym

Here’s a little more on this crazy video. We can’t get our head around this situation. Hey, Jenna – if you’re reading this. You’re welcome to our gym any day!