Meet The Guy Who’s Installed An On/Off Sperm Switch For His Penis

Clemens Bimek is a carpenter (not a medical expert…) from Germany. Some twenty years ago he came up with an idea which he’s dedicated his life to making a reality. After watching a documentary on contraception he committed himself to designing a switch that could be surgically implanted into the male body that can turn sperm off. And on. At will. And he’s finally managed it!

It’s called ‘The Sperm Switch’ and it’s┬ábasically a set of valves. They’re less than an inch long in length and weigh less than a tenth of an ounce. So once they’re in – you can’t feel them (thank God…). The ‘switch’ is surgically implanted onto the vas deferens and yeah, the procedure should make a vast difference.

The procedure only takes half an hour, but the only person in the world to have one so far is Clemens Bimek himself. Although, 25 test patients are due to receive them later this year. Early signs look good, though some medical experts worrying about ‘clogging’ and ‘scarring’. Hmmm… Have a look for yourself: