Texas Road Rage Escalates As Two Men BEAT One Another With Bats

Austin, Texas. A spectacular example of road rage was caught on camera at the Slaughter Lane and I-35 intersection. Noel Esquivel, a nineteen year-old from New Braunfels, videoed the showdown that – incredibly – occurred at 8.30am! The video shows two crazed guys going at each other with BATS. “I just didn’t expect this to happen. I just pulled out my phone,” Esquivel said.

The footage shows a man approaching a Chevy truck with what looks like a baseball bat and hits the truck’s door. But the guy he’s picked a fight with isn’t shy about getting involved and springs out of the vehicle. And he is HUGE.

He grabs a pole from the back of his truck and, before you know it, the two are going at each other like crazy. This is road rage at its most extreme. We’ve gotta admit, it’s pretty insane. Though Austin Police Department don’t agree. They call it ‘aggravated assault’. See for yourself: