Bully Gets Knocked Out After Messing With The Wrong Street Vendor!

Don’t get drunk and start sh*t with people for no reason. Especially if they don’t deserve it. It’s just not fair, is it? People are just minding their business when you get all up in their business, throwing insults and hands about. It might just backfire. You could well find yourself on the deck. You could get knocked out! Hey, it happens… And we’ve got the proof.

The two guys you’re about to see face off are very different. One’s a dude getting on with his life, trying to earn a living. He’s a street vendor on the Atlantic City boardwalk in New Jersey. The other is a boozed-up idiot picking a fight for no good damn reason.

The drunk guy clearly thinks it’s still Boardwalk Empire in Atlantic City, but things move on. He’s certainly no bada*s gangster anyway. Judging by the way he gets DROPPED.

Karma, man. It’s a b*tch!