Bully Picks On Kid Trained In Jiu-Jitsu; Instantly Regrets It

“That jiu-jitsu sh*t ain’t working now!” That’s what you can hear from one of the idiots in the baying crowd who are taunting a kid as a bully chastises him and chases him. The kid’s backing off and trying to get away – he doesn’t want any trouble. But he’s getting it. And soon enough his ‘jiu-jitsu sh*t’ is going to have to come out and – as you’ll see – it DOES work! And revenge is sweet, no doubt about it…

If you’re gonna pick on a kid and not give him the chance to escape or talk his way out of it, then you’ve got to be prepared for what might come you way. A potential a*s whooping, that is.

We love seeing bullies getting their comeuppance here at Thug Life Videos and this one is particularly good. The lesson? It ain’t cool to pick on people. And neither is getting a shooing!