Cartwheeling Teacher Who ‘Exposed Her Buttocks And Crotch’ In Front Of Pupils Arrested

Pawhuska, Oklahoma. A teacher has found herself arrested on suspicion of indecent exposure after an incident at school that saw her allegedly flashing her pupils her butt and undercarriage. She was apparently doing a cartwheel in front of her pupils at Pawhuska High School, but had forgotten to put on any underwear and ended up giving the children quite the eyeful…

As she cartwheeled, her long skirt came up over her head and exposed her butt and genitals. The sworn affidavit detailed how the pupil had actually seen the teacher’s “vagina open and close, as her legs were in the air.”

The student also told police the her teacher “had been talking about using drugs” with the class and remarked “thought fourteen year old boys were like men.”

Cartwheel Teacher


Sponsler denied doing the cartwheel in front of the children and said that she was “merely dancing with the students” because she was “just trying to be a cool teacher”.

Cartwheel Teacher

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