Here’s Why Crushing Batteries With A Hydraulic Press Is CRAZY Dangerous…

Hydraulic presses. Industrial machines used for various things that most people won’t care about. They’re useful in certain trades and industries, but they’re hardly likely to set tongues wagging, are they? Well, no.

Except… Well, they kind of are a little fascinated. When they meet other things, anyway. Seeing these big ol’ strong things crush other things is a strangely compelling thing to do.

Here – we see a press take on a range of batteries. And, obviously the hydraulic bad boy totally obliterates each and every one of them. With ease.

You’ll struggle to tear your eyes off the slow motion action, though. Especially as these things begin to explode

Crushing Batteries With Hydraulic Press (1)

From simple AA batteries, to much larger ones, each battery reacts differently when faced with the pure power that the enormously strong press offers.

Each one is, naturally, destroyed almost beyond recognition. But it’s how it happens that prove so damn mesmerizing.

There’s one thing we bet a hydraulic press can’t destroy, though… A Nokia 3310!

Crushing Batteries With Hydraulic Press (1)

Don’t try this at home. Unless you fancy dying.