Isis Terrorist Cries Like A Baby After Being Captured By The Kurdish Peshmerga

It turns out that ISIS terrorists aren’t nearly as tough as you might think. The so-called Islamic State might want us to think they’re all fearless soldiers that can’t be broken, but it just ain’t true. Take this total fool here as an example… He’s crying like a little b*tch after being captured by the Kurdish Peshmerga.

His captors show absolutely no sympathy though and are actually rather amused by his pathetic performance as they laugh to themselves about how p*ssy he’s being about the whole thing.

Shortly before this video was shot, the man was tasered in the thigh as he just wouldn’t shut up. Damn, just imagine how he would have acted if he was caught by the ISIS-hating real-life Rambo figure of Abu Azrael. Seriously, he’d have sh*t in his pants!