Russian Dude Risks Nasty Bites Saving Panicking Dog From Drowning In Frozen Pond


Not all heroes wear capes, you know. In fact, some heroes don’t even wear shirts. When it’s freezing cold outside. What are we talking about? Well, we’re referring to the internet’s most awesome guy of the day (or maybe even year…). The video below shows the full scale of this topless dude’s bravery and heroism.

Our footage comes from Russia. A dog is running about outside, as dogs do. But with it being Siberia, it’s crazy cold outside. The local pond has frozen over. The dog goes to run over the frozen water. But it can’t support the pooch’s weight. He falls through the ice. The water is so cold, it’s impossible for the pet to escape. He’s going to drown.

Scared, cold and drowning, all our poor doggy pal can do is panic and snap out with his jaws in fear. But that doesn’t put our shirtless hero off, though. He rushes over and helps fish out the pet. Despite all the teeth snapping…


This dude wins the internet today. Take a bow, son…