There’s A New Cafe In Switzerland Where You Can Get Oral With Your Coffee!

A coffee shop has opened in Switzerland where your drink comes with a free b**w j*b! The aptly named Fellatio Cafe opened its doors in Geneva earlier in the year, giving new meaning to the phrase ‘do you want cream with that?!’ The company behind it, Facegirl, say that once you have ordered your drink, you can then select your sex worker from an iPad at your table!

It’s not cheap, however. A coffee and “free” b**w j*b will set you back around $55 dollars. Bradley Chavet, owner of Facegirl, said that they had modeled their cafe on similar establishments in Thailand. It might seem crazy, but as prostitution is fully legal in Switzerland, the Fellatio Cafe is not breaking any laws.

I wonder if we’ll see tourism to Switzerland “shoot” up in the next few years!

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