Transgender Woman Forces Child To Take Pictures Of Nude Women In Walmart Dressing Room

It was only a matter of time before someone took advantage of new transgender laws that allow men who have transitioned over to being women into female rest rooms and changing rooms to be abused. And here we are. This week, a 38-year-old transgender woman going by the name of Tati Sleek was arrested after being caught telling her 4-year-old nephew to take photographs of women trying on clothes in a Los Angeles Walmart. Sleek was babysitting her nephew at the time, and asked the boy to take intimate photographs of four unsuspecting women with her cellphone.

The boy was asked to crawl under the curtains of the dressing rooms and take photos of the women as they changed. “I was trying on a bathing suit, so I was down to pretty much nothing when I saw the little boy peek his head under the stall,” said Sandra Crawford, a customer. “I grabbed my shirt and covered up and yelled to the little boy to go. That’s when he pulled out the cellphone and started laughing and taking pictures. I started yelling to the lady to grab her kid, and then he disappeared.”

The boy scurried away from Sandra’s stall, but not out of the dressing room. It wasn’t long before she heard a yell coming from a neighboring stall, followed by laughter and then another yell and then another.


“I threw on my clothes and stepped out of the stall.” Crawford told reporters. “That’s when I saw the lady tell him he was a ‘good boy’ and place him into the stroller. “I yelled for her to stop, but she kept on going. That’s when I asked the Walmart worker to hurry up and call security. I wanted those photos erased!”

Sleek then attempted to leave the store, but was stopped by Walmart security. When she refused to hand over her cell, police were called and an examination of her phone revealed explicit photographs from other dressing rooms across the city of Los Angeles.

Police also found explicit images of the boy Sleek was looking after. She has been charged with multiple counts of sexual deviancy, invasion of privacy and making child pornography.

This has, of course, only fanned the flames of the debate surrounding the new transgender laws. So what do you think? Does this change your mind about the new laws? Or are you firmly behind them? Tell us what you think.