TV Cop Chase Gets Too Real For One Viewer – Just Wait ’til The End!

Inglewood, California. A police chase gets all too real for one TV viewer as the crazy driving on screen suddenly turns into real life for him as the chase he’s watching on television pitches up in his own front yard! The live broadcast is being recorded by the guy when he suddenly realizes that he can hear the sirens outside his home!

He films out of his window and catches the six chase pursuit of the stolen Toyota Camry. The driver was a 17 year-old gangbanger, with the face-off lasted just over two hours and finished at Arbor Vitae and Oak Streets when cops were forced to use spike strips on the road to disable the car.

The shocked guy videoing the incident wisely exclaimed a pretty neat summary of what was going on. As he swings around to catch the cops and criminal, you can hear him yell, ‘oh sh*t!’

Check it out: