Cannabis-Cultivating NUNS Ignore The Law To Grow And Smoke Weed

Mercad, California. A town like any other in the state. Almost. Except in Mercad, unlike most other towns and cities in the Cali, you can’t grow weed. Cannabis cultivation is illegal. But that isn’t stopping two women from growing it… Two NUNS!

That’s right, Sister Darcey and Sister Kate from Sisters of the Valley refuse to stopping growing marijuana and making and selling cannabidiol (CBD)-infused products for pain relief purposes.

And no wonder – the two claim to make up to $1,000 a day helping those in pain and discomfort.

Nuns Smoking Weed

“This ban does not apply to us and so we’ve been operating straight through it. Our medicine is medicine, and it is non-psychoactive,” they say. “We’re dealing with what is actually hemp but really we advocate for whole plant legalization.”

Meet the pair right here: