Triggered Woman Claims Harassment After Dude Says ‘Hello’ To Her

And now forĀ an incredible video that either proves that the pendulum of gender equality has swung too far in the other direction or – more likely – one crazy b*tch is crazy. In it, we see some seriously triggered woman lose her cool and scream and shout at a man that she’s accusing of s*xual harassment. What did he do to her? Well, he said ‘hello’ to her…

That’s right. This lady is off her meds, clearly. She screams abuse at the man and films him for her YouTube channel, which is called ‘PervWatch‘. She thinks she’s some kind of social justice warrior fighting for women’s rights, but the truth? She’s just plain nuts.

She put this caption with the video: “For all you out there who think I only go after blacks and latinos, well, I pimp white boys, too. Here it is!”


This is off-the-chart batsh*t… She’s got NO point whatsoever. This is crazy!