Ex-Wrestling Champ Fights Off 7 Cops In EPIC Street Brawl

Vyacheslav Oliynyk used to be a wrestler. A pretty damn good wrestler, in fact. The man won gold for his home nation of Ukraine in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and is a bit a national icon back home. He lives in Kiev where he enjoys a drink and occasionally gets in trouble. He was out celebrating his 50th birthday recently with friends and things got out of hand. The police were called. They wanted to take him in. He didn’t want to go. Things got real…

They wanted to take him down on a drink driving charge but Oliynyk wouldn’t have any of it. He resisted arrest. Over and over again. He resisted the pepper spray. And the batons. In the end? He wound up resisting and fighting SEVEN cops.

Bleeding heavily, nothing stops the former pro-wrestler from protesting his innocence. This dude will NOT be take down. It’s an impressive effort. Check out the full incident right here: