This Insane Giant Vortex Cannon Destroys Everything In It’s Path!

An air vortex cannon is a device that¬†fires out rings of strong doughnut-shaped air vortices. Small vortex cannons can blow out candles, scatter papers and ruffle hair. Large ones can do, well, a lot more…

This giant vortex cannon is powered by 150 liters of the most explosive gas mixes possible to man, and it fires vortices at an amazing 200 miles per hour without any recoil.

In this video, filmed at an incredible 1,300 frames per second, we see the cannon shooting out a perfect ring cloud, formed by the pressure drop within the vortex condensing the damp air. We also see just how powerful the cannon is, as it destroys houses of straw, sticks and bricks alike!

I certainly wouldn’t want to stand in front of this thing!