Russian Vigilantes Uncover INCREDIBLE Police Laziness And Attitude Problems

Moscow, Russia. We’ve brought you some of the antics of the Russian vigilante group ‘Stop a Douchebag‘ before here at Thug Life Videos. Their main interests come in the shape of shaming and stopping persistent law breakers. Especially on the roads. And they’re at it again in their new video. But this latest one doesn’t just show up the criminals…

A lot of you might be asking why they do what they do. Shouldn’t they just leave it to the professionals? To the police? Well, no. If you think the police are unpopular in America, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Russian Police – at least in Stop a Douchebag‘s videos – really do seem to be lazy and don’t give a sh*t!

A drunk driver hits a pedestrian outside the Kremlin of all places and pulls over his Mercedes. To sleep. The crew call the police. When they arrive? They do nothing. It’s insane. Watch what happens. And be glad the cops near you aren’t like this!