Kinky Teacher Caught Giving Students BJ’s & Letting Them Run A TRAIN On Her During Class!

Osceola, Arkansas. A 28 year-old former teacher, Nicole J. Winberry, has been charged with inappropriate sexual contact with at least one student at her former place of work, Osceola High School. Winberry, who’s been married for nearly ten years and has twin five year-old boys faces four counts of what the court calls ‘first degree sexual assault‘. It’s a Class A felony, which is punishable by up to thirty years in prison.

It’s extremely unlikely that she’ll serve such a sentence, but a jail term is a very real possibility.

Arkansas State Police began an investigation not long after an anonymous tip was called into a local Abuse Hotline. A young boy claimed that his teacher, Winberry, had engaged in sexual activities with a male student in his class. After that, three other male students, came forward to say they were assaulted by the woman.

Teacher (1)

It’s thought that she would call the desired boys to remain after class and then offer to give them oral s*x and then encourage them to take turns penetrating her, sometimes telling them to film the sessions on their cellphones and then send the footage to her later so she could ‘get off’ to the videos.

Winberry’s bond has been set at exactly $15,000. Her court hearing has been set for sometime next month.