Vegas Teacher Sleeping With A Pupil Accidentally Sends The Boy’s DAD Nude Pics!

Las Vegas, Nevada. Yet another story of a female teacher caught sleeping with male pupils has emerged. This time it’s a woman called Robyn Gentile, a 23 year-old former Clark County School District substitute teacher, who is accused of s*xual misconduct. She apparently performed ‘a s*x act’ on a seventeen year-old pupil. How did she get rumbled? Well, by sending explicit Snapchat photos.

But the boy didn’t report her (why would he?). Oh no. The game was eventually up when the sometime math teacher at Harney Middle School in East Las Vegas sent nude pictures to her lover’s DAD by mistake…

When police seized the woman’s phone, they found evidence of more than 800 messages sent between her and the young man.


Captain Ken Young from the Clark County School District Police Department said they had got more than enough information from different sources to charge Gentile with the crime.

She hasn’t taught since December and, after being arrested at her home on Tuesday, looks unlikely to again.

Of only we had Snapchat back when we were at school. It might have been a WHOLE different game…