Thug Monkey Grabs Whatever He Damn Well Pleases…

More animal-based Thug Life for you here now. We’ve seen plenty of bad boy creature action here at Thug Life Videos recently. Thug monkeys, Thug cats, even Thug sheep. No species is immune to the Thug Life.

And we’ve proof for you here as a Thug rat, Thug goose and Thug ram take center stage…

TracksĀ in order:
0:12 Dr. Dre -what’s the difference
0:32 Trick Daddy – Lets go
0:50 Xzibit – alkoholik
1:18 DMX – Where the Hood At
1:43 A$AP Rocky – Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2
2:18 Swizz Beats – It’s Me Snitches
2:40 50 Cent – Straight to the bank

Videos in order:
0:08 Monkey pushes monkey
0:29 Thug Life Ram
0:50 King of the bed
1:15 Giant Rat
1:42 Killer goose
2:12 Cheeky Baboon
2:37 Winning dog

Animal Thug Life. Check it out: